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Job Description

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Company Description

October Swimmer builds software products and custom enterprise solutions with a focus on the Salesforce platform.

We recently listed our first application on the AppExchange.

We are a small company. You will be the first FTE hire other than the founder. The current team is in Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, New York, and Colorado.

Job Description

You will work on applications in Javascript built with React and Flow. You will also work on Salesforce applications built with Visualforce and Apex. You will write some Go, including contributing to the open source force cli.

You will be expected to write code that is readable, maintainable, and testable.

You will use git and GitHub for version control and code reviews.

Although you will move between projects, you will have unambiguous priorities. If you're not already good at estimating development tasks, you will definitely improve.

Skills Required For Success

You needn't have experience with all of the languages, tools, and platforms we use, but you should have a track record of picking up new skills, and be enthusiastic about doing so.

You should have experience with a statically-typed language.

Because you will be working remotely, you should have an appropriate work environment available that avoids unnecessary distractions.

You should be able to work independently, but know when to ask for help.


It's expected that your salary will be between $70k and $120k.

Hiring Process

There is no long interview process. We'll set up a time for short chat. If it looks like you would be a good fit for the position, and the company would be a good fit for you, we'll give you a short paid project to work on, 4-8 hours of work that can be completed over a week or so. If, after completion, we're still in mutual agreement that it's a good match, you will be offered the position.

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