Senior Backend Engineer who likes functional programming

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The role

You’ll join our small team as a senior back-end engineer, primarily working on the main product. This includes:

  • Our internal and public APIs (REST and WebSockets); 
  • Integrations with external services (such as Salesforce); 
  • Our predictive analytics + forecasting engine; 
  • The user-facing application itself; 
  • Core platform & services

Some of the challenges we have:

  •  Importing/processing sales data in the background at scale; 
  •  Keeping blazing fast API performance with frequently-changing data; 
  •  Building upon our existing public APIs, integrations and infrastructure;

Of course, you'll be working alongside the rest of team and you will be part of the decision-making process, help scoping out features and gathering requirements for new work.


Our product is built using Elixir (1.7) and Phoenix (1.4), backed by PostgreSQL and running on Heroku. We stick to ExUnit for unit testing and Hound for our integration tests. All code lives on GitHub and we use Travis CI for continuous integration and delivery. We like experimenting with new interesting technologies and approaches, keep and open mind and focus on what works best for us.


  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a web software developer; 
  • Experience with Elixir/Phoenix through work or personal projects OR experience with a similar language/framework (e.g. Ruby on Rails/Django or functional languages like Clojure, F#, Scala, Haskell) and willingness to learn Elixir and Phoenix; 
  • Able to either work remotely or on-site from our London office.

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