Senior Backend Engineer - Passenger Growth (Golang)

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Job Description

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The top priority of our user-centric team is the happiness of our passengers. From the moment they decide to join us until they enter our marketplace, passengers will be using our products. And our mission is to make sure they get the stellar experience they deserve.

The scope of the team includes passenger acquisition, to ensure that passengers can signup smoothly in a few seconds, and passenger account, to provide a wonderful lifecycle experience to our passengers and help them oversee their passenger account between 2 rides.

Given our business scope, our team is working side-by-side with other Product teams and internal partners (Ops and Marketing teams), allowing us to build features that will empower passengers with new ways to ride.

• Provide a new in-app signup and login experience without FB connect
• Provide a better referral flow to our loyal passengers
• Build a new "ride history" feature to help passengers handle their past rides
• Increase passenger engagement through new gamified features
• Contribute to a redesign of many passenger flows in mobile apps
• From the inside, we’re a caring full-stack team of product managers, software engineers (iOS, Android, Backend, QA), and product designers. Team is growing up, so this is also a great opportunity to join an adventure from the beginning.

HOW WE WORK What we expect from you
• You don’t just push code, you own the product as a whole.
• You kill legacy piece by piece to design shiny new micro-services. Mixing both technical and product requirement.
• You engineer solutions used by millions of users every single day.

Tech Stack
• Microservices.
• Docker with Mesos & Marathon.
• We follow community guidelines and standards.
• Unit and functional tests are as important as code.
• Kafka.

Team Life
• Work wherever you want: we’ve always been remote first but also have a shiny new office in Paris, London, Stockholm, Milan, Bruxelles and Casablanca.
• Open communication: everything is public within the team.
• You are not alone: we are supportive to each other and use Slack and video calls to keep in touch.
• Promulgate Knowledge: Whether it's organizational, cultural or technical, we're eager to learn!
• Continuous improvement: weekly team retrospective and strong Speak Up value.

• Experience with microservices in production.
• Professional experience in Go.
• Understand Ruby on Rails.
• 5 years as a software engineer.
• Designs performant systems for high through put workloads.
• Awareness and understanding of technical constraints.

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