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Marketplace team @ Heetch

The primary focus of the marketplace team is on balancing the demand(passengers) and offer(drivers) in the goal of continually growing our marketplace.

To do so, we define a strategy and implement ideas based on the various models we pulled from the analysis of our user's behaviors. In other words, we build scalable and smart things under real-time constraints with a direct impact on people's lives.

The quality of our service has to be perfect for our users to be able to keep relying on it in their day-to-day routine.

What do you need ?

You’re not obsessed with optimization but much more by the value you can add to the final user

Want to dive into Data science, algorithms and mathematics

You don’t want to just push code but also see what’s the impact and sense behind it.

Reliability is one of the things you care about. Our users too.

Adventurous, you like to try out many things and end up dropping some of them.

And retry… Looking for space to push ideas, bootstrapping is one of your hobbies.

What will you do ?

Develop and design real-time responsive solutions at large scales

Define, evaluate and decide what are the solutions to integrate heavy computational algorithms

Build solutions hands in hands with Data scientists

Chew on a lot of data to understand your problematics

Analyze and understand users behaviors

Bootstrap on emerging markets

What am I expected to achieve in the year following my hire ?

Mentor our junior developers and help them to get better

Improve the marketplace tech stack in our event-driven architecture

Being able to successfully lead a 'multi-stack' project with both backend and data science

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