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Redox is a 4 year old, fast-growing startup on a mission to change healthcare.

Redox Security Engineers solve the most challenging technical security problems holding back healthcare technology. At Redox, security comes first as patients depend on our systems to be secure, available and reliable. The security team partners with every team in our business to make that happen.

We’re looking for a person who will take on securing our cloud (AWS) based production environment. The scope of this program includes our cloud systems, production network (VPCs), base platform images (Ubuntu & Docker) as well as our orchestration, and deployment pipeline (Kubernetes, etc.).

Security Engineer (Cloud and Infrastructure) is a critical role at Redox. To be successful in this role you will need to have a vision for what this program should look like and design capabilities which scale as the team and company grow.

You can be based anywhere in the US. (See “Work Anywhere” below)

Day to Day Requirements:

  • Be an active voice in our small, focused security team as the primary engineer responsible for Cloud & Infrastructure Security.
  • Define the secure baseline and secure configuration required for production systems at Redox.
  • Approach securing our company pragmatically, empathizing with engineers and developers to understand their needs.
  • Communicate issues and progress on complex problems in terms easily understood by stakeholders.
  • Build scalable systems which enforce and monitor compliance with your secure baseline, rectify issues automatically and alert on problematic systems.
  • Support and build valuable training activities which uplift employee awareness and responses to security threats.
  • Monitor, report and seek to address security vulnerabilities in production.
  • Maximize security impact and reduce risk while minimizing the negative impact on our businesses velocity.
  • Mentor and guide engineering teams on best practices for keeping our production systems secure.
  • Own a platform to distill production security information (Events, Logs etc) into an actionable alerting platform.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Knowledge of current threats and risks, how to detect them, how to build controls to stop them and how to create awareness of them. Such as cloud account takeovers, credential leakage, improper cloud configuration etc
  • Proficiency in cloud technologies and hands-on securing of AWS environments including detailed experience with AWS Organizations, VPC, Security Groups, CloudTrail, IAM etc)
  • Ability to distil complex security threats and risks into simple terms for non-security (and even non-technical) stakeholders.
  • Experience securing Linux/Ubuntu, Docker, Kubernetes.
  • Knowledge of the OSI Security model and how it applies when securing networks and hosts.
  • Development experience sufficient to automate repetitive tasks and scale your impact.
  • Experience securing networks and infrastructure through firewall design, network segmentation and access (VPNs etc
  • High levels of Redoxiness


We provide benefits that allow you to live life by your own design. Redox employees enjoy unmatched autonomy in their work and the support to live a balanced life. We trust you know what you need to be happy, at work and at home.

  • Tackle Challenging Problems Everyday. There is no roadmap for what we are building, so you’ll have the backing and support of talented engineers and security practitioners to make sure you have what you need to be successful.
  • Work Anywhere. All Redox employees are encouraged to live and work wherever they're happiest. All you need is power, wifi, and a computer and you’re good to go. We also run a number of co-located working spaces across many US cities if you prefer an office environment.
  • Flexible Working. Our best work happens when we feel fresh and inspired. We leave it up to you to decide when you need to take breaks and encourage you to make time for adventure and discovery.
  • Health & Dental from Day 1. Your health and dental coverage starts when you do to make sure you're always covered. We provide health and dental insurance for employees, spouses, domestic partners, and dependents, as well as life and disability insurance.
  • Parental Leave. You can take 12 weeks of paid time off within the first year of your new addition arriving. We know that they need you and we have your back.
  • Productivity Fund. We want you to be able to set up a workspace that allows you to perform at your very best. All Redox employees receive an annual discretionary stipend so you can select what helps you be productive.
  • 401k. We offer an optional, customizable and flexible 401k plan for you to plan for your financial future on your terms.

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