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Technical Creative Writer

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I have a list of over 50 articles that need to be released on a weekly basis. 
These articles are creative, semi-technical, and informative pieces for a tech startup. 
I've run out of available time to fulfill obligations to my existing clients so I'm hiring one freelancer to work alongside me on an on-going basis.
Outline of work (per article)
1. I will provide a Google doc with a skeleton outline of the content.
2. I will provide example writing pieces to get inspiration from.
3. You will write the piece, between 800-1200 words (average) and submit them either weekly or in chunks (4 articles at a time).


  1. Can you send me 2 example articles you've written?
  2. Would you be open to getting paid a flat rate per article (optional) and committing to roughly 20+ articles?